Faith United

Methodist Church

of Boynton Beach

Men's Ministry 

Faith's Men's Ministry also meets once monthly, on the second Saturday of the month, in the Family Life Center at Faith, for a spectacular and tasty breakfast that is followed by prayer, devotion and discussion of upcoming events, of which there are many. For more information, please click the link HERE.

Young at Heart Senior Ministry

Please look at our Adult Ministry Page for more information about our 55+ Ministry Group. Just scroll down til you reach it...

Children's Ministry

For our children aged 3 years through 5th grade, we have our year-long Sunday school classes, and during the school year, we offer Adventure Club and Children's Choir on Wednesday nights. We also host special activities that occur throughout the year. Please have a look at our Children's Ministry Page to see how your children can connect!

Women's Ministry

We call ourselves LIFT, which stands for: Living In Faith Together. We meet on the first Tuesday of every month from September to June, and we encourage you to attend one of our get togethers! We always have a great time, and our meetings always have food, fellowship and fun! Visit our Ministry Page or our Facebook page for more information.

Our Small Group Ministries...

It is so important to us that our visitors and members make connections with others, and feel welcome and needed. The way we ensure this is with our small group ministries that help everyone find their niche, and hopefully life-long friendships with other members. So please take a look at what small groups you can become part of, and should you not find something you're specifically looking for, perhaps you would like to help in its creation! If you feel so led, please contact the church office (561-738-1902) and speak with one of our staff members who can help get you started!

Music Ministry

We are always interested in musically inclined members (and non-members) to join us! Please look at our Music Ministry page for more information!

Impact Student Ministry

This small group hopes to teach teens (6th-12th Grade) that in the midst of challenges, questions and temptations, there is an anchor available to them...Jesus Christ. And that even they, with God's guidance, have the potential to make a positive impact in the lives of others.  Click the link to go to their website.